Inside Station F, the startup megacampus that just
Station F is the world’s biggest startup campus. Thousands of entrepreneurs are currently moving into the new building here in Paris. But if you’re still wondering what it actually looks like, we visited Station F and interviewed the two persons behind it — Roxanne Varza and Xavier Niel Load Balancing.

Station F is a massive building that has been completely renovated and now features thousands of desks, dozens of conference rooms, VC firms, a stage and more. It’s the size of the Eiffel Tower laying down, and it’s quite impressive in person. Station F has been years in the making. French billionaire Xavier Niel spent hundreds of millions of euros to purchase and transform the building into a sort of central hub for the French tech ecosystem with Roxanne Varza at the helm.

The various open office areas are divided into many different pieces. Some chunks of the building are managed by Station F’s partners, such as Facebook, Zendesk, Vente-Privée, HEC, Microsoft, etc. Those big tech companies pick young startups to come and work at Station F and collaborate with them.

Overall, Station F is a huge bet on the future of the French tech ecosystem. If things go well for French startups, people are going to look at Station F as the physical representation of those successes Cambridge course Cambridge exam.

Twitter’s new CFO is getting $15 million in stock
He also has investment banking experience, having spent 16 years at Goldman Sachs. This could come in handy if Twitter decides to sell themselves. (Just saying!)

Anthony Noto, who joined Twitter as CFO in 2014 (also from Goldman), was promoted to COO last November after Adam Bain’s departure. He has been handling both roles in the interim.

The CFO role is critical for Twitter, as the social media company tries to convince investors that it has growing value. Although shares are up about 30 percent in the past three months, at $18.64 they are only a fraction of the $69 high the company saw in early 2014. The company’s market cap is currently less than $14 billion set up company in hong kong.

that Segal is the man for the job. According to a filing, his annual salary will be $500,000 and he’ll receive a $300,000 signing bonus if he agrees to stay for at least a year. Oh, and he’s getting about 794,000 shares, which are presently worth close to $15 million. He also may get 372,000 more if Twitter reaches unspecified performance targets.

Twitter, which is also focused on user growth, is not yet profitable.

Segal, who had previously tweeted just 19 times, shared the news on the social media platform.