Roy? What value comes of a mechanic that fills his tool box with all the latest tools and never uses them?


What value comes from a mechanic that academic ranking fills his tool box with tools and does not know how to use them?


If one has a box full of tools and has hair weave never used them, can he/she be called a mechanic and if one has the knowledge of a mechanic but has never used his tools to repair anything is he a mechanic?


He is a mechanic in name only! A mechanic uses tools to create a desired result, the repair of a machine. By using his tools he goes through the motions of being a mechanic, he defines himself physically through the use of his tools and his skills, to aspire to what he already knows himself to be.


How does a mechanic develop his skills other  than by using his tools? Through experience and trial and error he develops into the best mechanic that he can be through practical application and experience.