The full moon in September is often bigger and brighter than full moons in other months. It is usually referred to as the Harvest Moon. The derma veil reason it appears bigger and brighter is because of all the dust in the air from the harvesting of crops causing extra refraction of the light. Even the moon seems to be celebrating the abundance of the harvest.

What gets to be harvested? Is it a surprise? Some random offering by Mother Nature? Not at all. "Sow wheat; reap wheat. Sow oats; reap oats. Sow weeds; reap weeds." These words of advice were offered to me by my grandfather many years ago. It took a few years for it to really sink in that this was not just simple farmer talk.

"The seeds you sow shall be the crop you reap." Ancient wisdom mostly ignored by all except farmers and gardeners. Of course we all know that if you want to have a crop of carrots, we need to plant carrot seeds. But most ignore thatthis simple rule of cause and effect applies to much more than agriculture and horticulture.

It applies to all facets of life. Every act of beingness is a seed (a causation) that will germinate and grow to produce fruit (an effectualization). Everything we be and do is, therefore, a seed. What we have (our harvest) is the result of the way we are and what we do (our plantings). The way we are is determined by what we believe, think and feel. Every thought held is a seed planted. Every emotion held is a seed planted. Every belief held is a seed planted. Every word spoken is a seed planted. Every act committed is a seed planted. And each seed planted bears fruit of the same kind.