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An Aunt Or Uncle Is The Best Job Ever

Le 26 avril 2017, 06:01 dans Humeurs 0

1. You Get To Hold Tiny Hands

Holding a new-born’s tiny hands is one of the best feelings in the world; so tiny and cute! And holding their hands never gets old, even when they get older and their hands are smeared with food and possibly snot.


2. You Receive Lots Of Hugs

Everyone loves a hug, and they are even better when they are from your niece or nephew. And the best part? Your nieces and nephews think you’re cool, so they are always happy to give you a hug. Score!


3. You Can Only Do The Fun Jobs

As an aunt or uncle, you don’t have many responsibilities with your nieces and nephews, which means you get to only do the fun jobs. Playing in the garden? Sure! Feeding the baby a bottle? No problem! Changing a dirty diaper? I’ll just pass this little bundle of joy back to it’s parents….


4. You Have An Excuse To Play

Being an adult can get pretty boring, but if you’re an aunt or uncle, you always have the option of kicking off yours shoes and forgetting about your worries while you play with your nieces and nephews. And let’s face it; deep down, you know you’re enjoying the new Lego Movie more than they are.


5. You Can Treat Your Nieces And Nephews

If a parent is always buying treats for their child, they could end up spoilt. However, you have a free pass to treat them to anything their little heart’s desire! Nothing makes you smile more than handing the children the sweets you bought for them – although you’re pretty sure their mom is giving you evils as you do it.


6. You Can Buy Any Gifts For Them

If you’re a parent, you don’t want to buy your children loud toys; you know they will keep you up all night, slowly driving you insane. But as an aunt or uncle? You only have to listen to the toy while you’re there, then you can go home to peace and solitude – which is exactly why you bought your nieces and nephews an electric drum kit.


7. You Get The Best Art For Your Home

Children draw pictures nearly every day; your siblings house is filled to the brim with their artwork. But as an aunt or uncle, you just get the cream of the crop – the pictures your nieces and nephews are extra proud of. You only had a few, but they get pride of place on your fridge for every guest to see.


8. You Get To Go To Children’s Birthday Parties

You get to show up, dressed as your favorite Disney character, and eat food and play with your awesome nieces and nephews. Even better – since you’re a guest, you don’t even have to help tidy up.

Harvest Moon Lessons

Le 11 avril 2017, 05:34 dans Humeurs 0

The full moon in September is often bigger and brighter than full moons in other months. It is usually referred to as the Harvest Moon. The derma veil reason it appears bigger and brighter is because of all the dust in the air from the harvesting of crops causing extra refraction of the light. Even the moon seems to be celebrating the abundance of the harvest.

What gets to be harvested? Is it a surprise? Some random offering by Mother Nature? Not at all. "Sow wheat; reap wheat. Sow oats; dr bk laser reap oats. Sow weeds; reap weeds." These words of advice were offered to me by my grandfather many years ago. It took a few years for it to really sink in that this was not just simple farmer talk.

"The seeds you sow shall be the crop you reap." Ancient wisdom mostly ignored by all except farmers and gardeners. Of course we all know that if you want to have a crop of carrots, we need to plant carrot seeds. But most ignore that dr bk laser this simple rule of cause and effect applies to much more than agriculture and horticulture.

It applies to all facets of life. Every act of beingness is a seed (a causation) that will germinate and grow to produce fruit (an effectualization). Everything we be and do is, therefore, a seed. What we have (our harvest) is the result of the way we are and what we do (our plantings). The way we are is determined by what we believe, think and feel. Every thought held is a seed planted. Every emotion held is a seed planted. Every belief held is a seed planted. Every word spoken is a seed planted. Every act committed is a seed planted. And each seed planted bears fruit of the same kind.


Le 21 mars 2017, 04:26 dans Humeurs 0

Upon resuming his march the colonel divided the infantry into three bodies of equal strength. The first, which was accompanied by the guns, was to move by the path straight up the hill; the others, between whom the cavalry force QV baby cream was divided, were to ascend it a few hundred yards to the right and left of the central column, so as to flank the village on either side. For a time the enemy kept up a fire from the brow of the hill, but this died away as the troops, pressing rapidly forward, neared them, and in a short time the top of the hill was gained. The village stood a quarter of a mile away. It was surrounded by a high wall, above which could be seen the tower of the chief's fortalice.


"These little four-pounders will not be of much good in breaching that wall," the colonel said. "We must attack by the gate and batter that down. Percy, do you ride round to the column on the left, and see if there is any gate on that side. Do you, Nand Chund, do the same on the right. If there are gates there I will send some tr90 of the camel guns to try and beat them down. If they can't do it the gates must be blown in, there are men with powder-bags in each column. Let the cavalry work round behind the village, and see what the ground is like there. It looked to me as if it broke away on that side. If there are no gates in the side walls, let the right column move round to assist the cavalry to cut off the enemy's retreat. Let the infantry of the left column join us here for the attack on this gate. The fellows are evidently in strong force."


Indeed the wall was fringed with nuskin hk smoke, and the bullets were pattering round thick and fast. The men, however, had at once been placed in shelter behind a stone wall, and remained inactive for half an hour. When Percy and Nand Chund rode back within a minute or two of each other, their reports were similar. There were no gates in the side walls, while behind the wall on the other side there was a deep precipitous ravine, with but a few feet between its upper edge and the wall. The colonel gave the order that fifty of the infantry should remain on either side to fire down into the ravine as the enemy retired across it, and the rest should join him. The cavalry were to take post just out of fire on both flanks, to cut off any fugitives who might drop from the walls, and endeavour to escape from the top of the hill.


The time had not been lost, for the four mountain guns had kept up a steady fire at 

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